There’s a Jet in my Garage

A tight fit. Good thing the wings fold.

Why be ordinary you can really stand out among your neighbors. A German company  named ” Style your Garage ” makes posters for the garage door.

Prices vary from $199 to $399 for a double door.  Everything included!


(You’re welcome)

Or you may remind everyone that it all comes down to the choices you make.

I think I stick with the Hornet. It’s more believable.

One response to “There’s a Jet in my Garage

  1. virgil xrnophon

    If I were a truly demented eccentric I would mount speakers around/above the door, put my F-4 tape of the J-79s running up on a loop and back my car in each night such that I could trigger the sound just before the door lifted, then “launch out” at speed in the am as the door lifted triggered by the sound of burners kicking in–just to terrorize the neighbors on general principles alone, lol.

    (I can see it now as the neighbors watch the doors being installed: “Well, there goes the neighborhood”…LOL!)

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