Tastes Like Chicken

Chicken fat in jets: NASA’s version of  fast food.

Chicken Fat Studied by NASA as Eco-friendly Jet Fuel

“It’s made out of chicken fat, actually,” said Langley’s Bruce Anderson, AAFEX II project scientist. “The Air Force bought many thousands of gallons of this to burn in some of their jets and provided about 8,000 gallons (30,283 liters) to NASA for this experiment.”

Do you taste test the fuel instead of checking the color and what exactly does that smell like when you hit the afterburner?  Original or extra crispy?


2 responses to “Tastes Like Chicken

  1. Do you love the smell of jet exhaust like I do? This can only improve it 🙂 The whole airport smelling like a KFC.

    • There’s a few things in the world that smell like fun. The baked inside of a Piper on the ramp, Avgas and even the burnt kerosene out of a turbine.
      In moderation. I’ve been at the close end of a jet spooling up and that only makes your eyes water.
      Chicken fat may improve that or it just might make you hungry.

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