Jet Ski

Jet Ski is the brand name of personal watercraft. This is a jet + skis. Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) member Troy Hartman is devoted to flight and is occasionally — experimental.

 Hartman is also calling his aircraft a jet wing, featuring a rigid wing like Rossy’s that is 50 percent lighter and employs simplicity throughout his design approach including how he will be attached to the wing and how it will be controlled. The professional stuntman, aerobatic instructor, and X-Games and sky surfing champion, who hopes to one day fly with Rossy, inadvertently invented a new sport recently when he tested the engines while on a pair of skis

47 mph at 50% throttle.  This is just the thing I need to whiz by those pesky cross-country skiers that always pass me on the trail. Wile Coyote would have loved this rig.

But where are the brakes?


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