Virtual Museum

If you’re going to fly cross-country in a light airplane, it helps to have a mission. Not that you need one. This was better than the $100 hamburger (which, thanks to the cost of Avgas no longer exists). My brother and I flew to the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. It is, without question, one of the two absolute best places on this earth to see static displays of aircraft. (Smithsonian / Udvar Hazy is the other) . Now you can see the whole thing without flying or driving.

All 92 high-definition panoramic ‘nodes’ are now online,” said Lt. Gen. (Ret) John L. Hudson, museum director. “With all the photos uploaded, visitors can now better experience the museum while at home or on the go.

Take a tour of the place via map or by following the green arrows. Zoom in. Look up. “Walk” around. After spending time on the site, you’ll most definitely want to drive (or fly) to see it all in person. Anyone that loves planes will love this.


4 responses to “Virtual Museum

  1. If you haven’t been there already try the Pima Air Museum in Tucson. Not quite up to Udvar/Hazy standards, but better access to the aircraft than the Air Force Museum, plus Navy and Army aircraft. They also operate the Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley.

    • Appreciate the info Pogue. While I’ve visited numerous aviation museums (including Arizona, Planes of Fame – Valle) I didn’t realize Pima had 300 aircraft and 80 acres. Bonus: It’s next to Davis-Mothan (The Boneyard). That alone would be worth the visit.
      Good call.

  2. virgil xenophon

    You don’t realize the emotional twinge you receive until you see aircraft you flew and/or were part of your world while on active duty and even before growing up. It suddenly dawns that one is as much as a museum-piece as are the aircraft… It IS a kick to see a lot of the old birds, tho..and also to know that one was a part of much of their history as well as/not just an on-looker..

    PS: Ever rent that sci-fi flic? And did you get my e-mail about the Louisiana air flight history video? Were you able to buy it?

    • suddenly dawns that one is as much as a museum-piece as are the aircraft.

      You’ve both served your country well. BZ Virgil.

      “This Island Earth” has been in the Netflix que and it should arrive soon. I’ll publish a Wilko review later. However, I couldn’t track down the Louisiana air flight history- pretty much a dry well.

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