Sneaking with the enemy

Yet another drone: This one is a spy plane designed to look like a hummingbird.

The aircraft with a 6.5-inch wing span can record sights and sounds on a video camera in its belly. Developers say it can perch on a window ledge and gather intelligence unbeknownst to an enemy.The craft can hover and move quickly in almost any direction, a capability defense officials want in a small aircraft for intelligence and reconnaissance.

The latest in nano-technology – an aircraft with a 6.5 inch wingspan.   This could be pretty fearsome – think of a whole swarm of them going after bad guys like Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. Do a careful check around your bird feeder this spring.

H/T to Rob


3 responses to “Sneaking with the enemy

  1. virgil xenophon

    Just think of stalkers/peeping Toms getting a hold of the stuff (which they will, as the technology WILL eventually migrate to the civilian community)
    and hovering over pvt back-yard pools of Hollywood starlets sunning themselves in the buff! 🙂 Talk about technology getting ahead of the laws ! Probably–UNDOUBTEDLY–will have to have a background check like gun purchases with registration numbers & tracking for every unit.

  2. virgil xenophon


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