Say Cheese

Over the years I’ve collected hundreds of aerial photos shot from the plane I was flying. There’s a few even worthy of framing. Twice, I’ve even been paid to photograph construction projects with one ending up in a magazine.  OK, it was Illinois’ “Roads and Bridges magazine”, not Better Home and Gardens.  Hope I haven’t burned up my fifteen minutes of fame with that. We were fortunate to get a good shot since we really didn’t know what we were doing. Still, this was a nice change: Being paid to fly.

So it was with interest that I examined a photography tool kit called “Fly and Earn”, developed by former air force pilot Jay Taffet. It’s only 49 pages but covers about everything you need to know. Note that the PIC must be at least a commercial pilot so as to not run afoul of the FAA..  The regulations are clear that you can’t fly for compensation as a non-commercial pilot, but you can make money if the CFI does the flying portion (shoot the aerials) while the private pilot does the ground work of marketing, customer coordination, photo processing and resales. 

Have a look. It’s renewed my interest sufficiently to spend time on E-Bay hunting for deals on a SLR Nikon.

(update: Link has been repaired)


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