Speed Flying

Quite possibly more exhilarating than flying in one of those bat suits, combining two high risk activites into one neat package.

Speedflying is similar to low altitude airplane flying in that you’re travelling at high speeds close to potential obstacles like trees and rocks which will ruin your day if you misjudge distances. A disclaimer on one site states: “Problems arise when inexperienced Speed-Flyers are unaware of the number of things that can go wrong at any time – during take off, while in the air, on the ground, and during landing.”. That pretty much covers everything.

If that video didn’t inspire you have a look at this one involving a speedflyer riding the top of a cable. Aerobatics seem tame by comparison. I have a number of things on my bucket list. This didn’t make the cut.


4 responses to “Speed Flying

  1. As an avid skier and skydiver speed flying is something I REALLY want to do. But just as with flying my wingsuit when I do it I sure as heck wont be riding any cables! A really great canopy pilot on the Red Bull team was seriously injured last fall when he wrapped his canopy around one of those cables and hit the ground hard.

    • Not surpized you’ve got this on the “to do” list. Looks “Scary”.
      I’m amazed at the precsion of those ski-flyers. Landing on a roof, slicing through the side of a mountain. Ridiculous.
      Skiing is hard enough without messing around with the chute.

  2. virgil xenophon

    Best be a DAMNED GOOD judge of sink-rate..

    • It’s the difference between skiing off the top of a roof and becoming one with it. Some folks think mere pilots are the ones tempting fate. Makes us look stodgy in contrast. Hope the ski flyers have their life insurance paid up.

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