Very Experimental

Gabriel Nderitu brings new meaning to the word homebuilt. I admire this guy’s drive and ingenuity. I also admire his guts, but if the rest of the thing works as well as the front wheel, he is most certainly doomed. Just because it looks like a plane doesn’t mean it will work like one.

“A bit of it [was] inventing the wheel, and not really looking and trying to copy,” Nderitu told Citizen TV.

No matter how talented a builder, you don’t get to invent your own principles of flight dynamics – if you want to fly and live. Center of gravity matters. So does structural integrity. I suspect he could have acquired a set of plans for a proven ultralight design, and with the fabrication skills he clearly has, made it off the ground.

The results of the first flight are here. I was rooting for the contraption to get off the ground while also hoping it would not kill the aspiring pilot.

Far better to have the undercarriage fail on roll out than the wing spars in flight , yah? Hopefully he will succeed someday and live to tell the story.  A man that motivated deserves to fly.


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