Personal Drones

Most people associate drones with Predator and Reaper aircraft launching Hellfire missiles at bad guys in Pakistan.  However, the technology is moving beyond military applications to other applications and fast.  An unmanned aircraft now costs $300 and can be operated by iPhone.

Former Navy fighter pilot Missy Cummings is working with her students to build a “Personal Sentry” drone..her goal is to develop a drone the size of a pizza box with small propellers that can watch a soldier’s back on the battlefield.. many nonmilitary uses of drones provide obvious benefits—from surveying wildlife to tracking the security of oil pipelines. Other potential commercial applications include unmanned cargo flights.

Of course it might also be used for spying on celebrities and the neighbor next door. More concerning are nefarious individuals bent on illegal or terrorist activities. For now, battery life is the limiting factor as well as payload, but that will change. There’s always the trusty 12 gauge if one starts violating your personal space.

Skeet shooting anyone?


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