Only in California

Here’s something new:  An arrest for FUI or Flying Under the Influence… in California. 

He nearly crashed into an aircraft that was preparing for takeoff on another runway before he finally touched down and then went off the runway into sage brush, made a U-turn back onto the runway, and parked the plane.Upon entering the terminal, he declared, “I just scared the s— out of myself.” He then asked, “Where am I?” When he was advised that he was in Bishop, he responded, “Where is that in relationship to the rest of the world?”An Inyo County sheriff’s deputy responded to the airport and administrated field sobriety tests, which Mr. McEnry failed. Hey said that he had used marijuana and Oxycontin and always “flies high” and also admitted that he did not have a pilot’s license 

 How did it take so long for “the system” to finally catch up with this goofball? 1,200 hours without  a license and ostensibly much of that time incapacitated.  Not that we need more regulations but it baffles me that this one slipped through the net for years while well-known and respected aviation educators John and Martha King were recently surrounded by three squad cars with guns drawn and handcuffed in a case of mistaken (aircraft) identity. 

Oh wait. That was also in California… 

h/t to Rob


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