So Easy A Kid Can Do It

 Look out for that plane in front of you

On second thought it might have been a mistake to turn the plane over to someone who couldn’t see over the instrument panel. Or reach the brakes. However, the co-pilot seems happy although he needs to read the operating instructions for the sunglasses..

After the 20 mile run this weekend it was time to do something less strenuous. I had taken SN3 flying the previous week. I think he’s getting a feel for it. This week, it was time to take SN1 and his two little guys for a spin. Winds were 210 at 10 with gusts to 17 knots.  If it  was too bumpy, I’d stay in the pattern and land. This was our second try since it was even worse yesterday. Once level at 3,000 MSL, there was some wind shear and bumps but for a three year old, that’s part of the fun. In the right seat, SN1 was looking a little green. This was a sacrifice on his part but that’s what good Dad’s do.  The grandsons wanted to keep flying and I wasn’t concerned since an Airmet had not been issued. I’ve been left seat in severe turbulence and I’ll try to avoid such exploits in the future.

Altogether, it was a good day to fly. It’s rare to share the adventure of flight with people (OK-little people) that jump up and down with excitement before and after.  Hopefully, we’ll make many more trips into the air. With enough flights, GS1 might be ready to solo in thirteen years.


One response to “So Easy A Kid Can Do It

  1. lol It looks like GS2 is trying to make a quick exit with a parachute as GS1 is barking “Save yourselves!” I guess the buildings in the background give away the true situation though.

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