French Flys

Mon Dieu

How about those fun loving French Pilots. The fighter jock in 0.09 regards his role as grim reaper maybe too seriously. Tigre helo pilots must have had automobile passengers shrieking with delight as their choppers zoomed a few feet above into oncoming traffic. However my favorite is the low-level aileron roll in formation over the water. 

Wonder if anyone got tail numbers?


2 responses to “French Flys

  1. last Sunday mourning I flew my 206 from the dropzone up to Warroad Mn. to meet a few friends for a week in Canada Muskie fishing and I ran into the same problems the French pilots had. I couldn’t seem to get the plane to climb more than 20 to 50 feet over the trees swamps and lakes. I even flew close to a few fishing boats to see if they had any ideas but to no avail. I managed to land safely and could find nothing wrong with the aircraft. I guess the cause of that low level flight in perfect conditions will forever remain a mystery.

    • Now that’s what planes are made for: Transportation to Muskieland. No wonder you’re getting the float plane rating.

      The low level flight problem is most likely related to a linkage issue. I’m certain it had something to do with lock up of the humerus to radius and ulna at just above AGL. Have your A&P take a look at this. Do not inquire at your local FSDO. They will not be helpful.

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