Got Gas?

Imagine teeing up another ball on the Chino Golf Club range, then watch while a plane makes a landing roll out in front of your intended path. Your response might be:
a) Is that a new ball retriever?
b) Dive for cover
c) Grip it and rip it. You always aimed at ball retrievers anyway 

A pilot whose plane ran out of fuel was forced to make an emergency landing on a Chino Hills golf course Sunday…The Federal Aviation Administration is now looking into the crash. They said that if the pilot was not flying with enough fuel, it is against their regulations. 

It’s the Main Stream Media and they’re here to help. Planes can fall out of the sky at any time, anywhere. Never mind that there’s a higher probability that you’ll be in a car accident or lightning strike than a plane landing on your patio. While it was indeed a tragedy, some reporters went over the top last March when a Lancair made a forced landing at Hilton Head

They correctly point out that it’s against FAA regulations to run out of fuel. It’s also a bad idea since plane engines get very quiet without it. For that matter it’s against regulations to land on a golf course narrowly missing two people on a cart. While it’s the most avoidable accident, 90 planes sustained fuel exhaustion according to the most recent Nall report

More than half (48 of 90, or 53.3 percent) occurred within five miles of an airport.among inexperienced pilots: Half of the private pilots involved had more than 500 hours.

My advice? Never, ever trust a fuel gage.


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