Deserving our Support

I was inspired after reading “Unthinkable”, the story of Scott Rigsby. Rigsby was the first double amputee to complete the Hawaiian Ironman. Determined to transcend his limitations, he felt it was his calling to give hope to other disabled veterans. Another group with the same mission is the  Wounded Warriors Project . So just after completing the book, it was great to see this story from the folks at AOPA regarding flights for our disabled veterans.

The flights were part of an agreement between the Wounded Warrior Project and the Vandy-1 demonstration team. AOPA hosted Vandy-1’s five aircraft—a P-51 Mustang, two L-39 Albatroses, and two MS-760 Paris Jets—along with a B-25….. “They say the World War II-generation was the greatest generation—and perhaps that’s true,” Kelley said. “But these kids we’ve got in Iraq and Afghanistan are going to be our next greatest generation, and I’m thrilled to be able to do little things like this to honor them. Too many of us do nothing. We all ought to be doing more.”

Speaking of “Doing more”, here are two other organizations worthy of consideration which we also support: Disabled American Veterans  and Soldiers Angels.

It’s the least we can do for those who gave so much for our country.


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