Another Milestone

Son#1 completed his MBA the harder way. Raising a young family, with two boys under the age of  three while working as an electrical engineer and the occasional out-of-town travels. Same as Dad and I’m sure countless others. We’re obviously very proud.  He’s a good man. It doesn’t seem that long ago he was putting together electronic projects as a young tyke. I was relieved the rail gun and MIRT Opticom transmitter never worked. 

When it finally ends, you wonder what to do with all that time.

I’m strongly recommending ground school and flight training.


4 responses to “Another Milestone

  1. Congratulations! Us pilot types tend to think that education is learning the emergency procedures of an airplane that you will never fly. We tend to forget that some people actually think non-aviation facts matter. Silly people.

    • Thanks.
      Every once in while pilots are reminded that there’s a world outside of aviation. Even if for a moment…

  2. virgil xenophon

    Man o Man are those genetic resemblences strong–right down from the Father thru the son to the grandson!

    You are absolutely SHAMELESS in the use of your kids pics! 🙂

    A proud Father/Grandfather indeed!!

    • Thanks Virgil but I think they got their good looks from their Mom/Grandmom. But I apprecaite the comment.
      I try not to clog the blog with too many personals but sometimes I just can’t help it. I’m a lucky sonofagun.

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