So You Think You’re a Good Stick?

Try this

Low level aerobatics with short excursions into 12 g territory and knife edge turns.

What’s not to like?

Red Bull Air Racing began last week with Defending  champion Paul Bonhomme winning the first of the 2010 season in Abu Dhabi.


8 responses to “So You Think You’re a Good Stick?

  1. virgil xenophon

    I put you on to that stuff, remember? TOLD ya! I watched it too. Now if I were only about 42 yrs younger….And had robbed enough banks to fund my team–or married one of the sponsors daughters…

    • I don’t think you can fly those routines as a geezer so you best get some training in now. Airspeed and money is all.

      “Flying”…to quote Al Kelch, our cousin and antique aircraft pioneer.
      “is an addiction”.

  2. virgil xenophon

    And don’t they do a great job with the computerized visuals/gnd track, replays etc? And with knowledgeable announcers too–the total package–makes it a really enjoyable experience. with great visuals, camera angles, etc. They’ve really thought the entire thing thru from a TV presentation-friendly production standpoint. They should advertise more on the general broadcast channels. I would think the production values are such that it could garner a HUGE following among the non-flying public-at-large..

    BTW,do you follow the “Great Dog-fights of History” series om the military and/or Hist Channel? (It varies) They do a nice job of integrating interviews with the surviving participants , history/tech details of aircraft involved and computer animation of the dogfights–VERY realistic within the limitations of the technology. This from a guy who was in a couple (as a back-seater). We didn’t shoot any down–but didn’t get bagged ourselves either. 🙂
    VERY brief encounters in our case..both times pulling off tgt when bounced –we were low on gas and just wanted to get home…we had a
    shot at one–missed!–the other time we just E & E’d our way outa there…

    • It’s the Military Channel. I agree, they do a great job piecing footage, interviews and simulations to give you a feel for the aircraft. I’ve seen most of them including dogfights in the F-4 (featured Cunningham and Olds IIRC).

      If you would, please get cracking on those memoirs. We’d like the “rest of the story”. Besides, you’ll make enough money to get your own Extra.

  3. virgil xenophon

    PPS: Speaking of Dog-fights. I had separated from the AF and was teaching as a grad assistant while war was still going on. One of my students at the Univ. of S. Western Louisiana in Lafayette, La., was the sister of the 1st USAF ace back-seater Capt. Chuck DeBellevue, Laf.,La. (ac.was Capt Steve Ritchie) She was proud as punch! DBellevue was interviewed for the dogfight series when they did his story.

    • She should be proud. Richie and DeBellevue are pretty famous. (OK famous for military aviation history fans)
      Besides, after Cunningham ended up behind bars, they are the only remaining U.S. pilot/ RIO Vietnam aces left to honor.

  4. virgil xenophon

    Tish,tish, Wilco, “RIO” is a Navy/Marine term. In the good old USAF in my day it was “GIB”–Guy in back seat when us pilots were back there. Was NOT a term of endearment! When they started putting Navs back there it became “WIZZO” WSO-Wpns Systems Operator.

    • The Navy and Air Force just want to be different from each other. Tomatos / Tomahtos. Both F-4’s and F-14’s had RIO’s.
      Air Force F-4’s were different in that they wanted rated pilots in the rear cockpit with full flight controls. Only after several years in action (Vietnam) the USAF changed it’s policy and started putting navigators in the rear seat, and since the Air Force can’t won’t use Navy jargon they invented the Wizzo, also in for the F-111 and F-15E.

      You knew all that but for the edification of our viewing audience I thought I’d elaborate.

      For some inscrutable reason, the Navy also concocted another name for the A-6: The bombardier/navigator (B/N). Maybe Tailspin Tom knows the answer.

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