The Windy City

Sometimes it is. Thankfully runway 18 was just reopened otherwise it would have been pretty sporty.  I was amazed at how far I was pushed downwind and was especially vigilant for wind shear.  Mrs. Wilko inquired as to my state of mind, flying in gale  force winds. Actually, it’s more of an attitude adjustment than loss of senses.   Nothing focuses the mind or provides the exhilaration like breaking the surly bonds. The unpredictable wind at times acted like a bucking bronco but with the appropriate increase in speed and less than full flaps it could be tamed. Normally this is a busy airport. Today, I had the place to myself and after boring holes in the sky returned to make six circuits with nary a soul in the pattern.

Chicago IL (Chicago O’Hare Intl) [KORD] hourly observation on the 2nd at 3:51pm CDT (2051Z) wind 190° at 27 knots gusting to 42 knots, visibility 10 miles, 20,000 feet scattered, 25,000 feet overcast, temperature 26°C (79°F), dewpoint 9°C (48°F), altimeter 29.67.

Chicago/Aurora IL (Aurora Muni) [KARR] hourly observation on the 2nd at 3:52pm CDT (2052Z) wind 190° at 24 knots gusting to 34 knots, visibility 10 miles, 25,000 feet broken, temperature 26°C (79°F), dewpoint 11°C (52°F), altimeter 29.67.

 Yah. It was worth it.


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