Can You Spot the Red Herring?

Lt. Kenneth Solosky, with 21 years in the NYPD, articulates the facts  regarding general aviation as a security threat after the February light airplane crash in Austin Texas. Some politicians and a whole lot of the MSM continue to view light airplanes as terrorist weapons and a hole in homeland security. The shrill cry goes forth for more pilot and airport regulation.

As law enforcement professionals, we must ask ourselves, is general aviation a significant terror threat or just a red herring? If history is our guide, the answer is no; general aviation poses no more of a threat than any other vehicle such as a car or truck and indeed, perhaps is less of a threat. ……..Even if a plane was loaded with explosives, the damage could never approach the devastation caused by a large truck bomb such as used by Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995….The weight limitations and relatively small cabin size of general aviation aircraft certainly limit their ability to carry a similar devastating deadly payload.

An informed voice of reason. Which is nice for a change.


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