Escape Life’s Gravity

That’s the tag line of the website: AirshowBuzz that EAA was good enough to highlight. If you like air show and air racing videos, historic movies, and photos then you should have a look.  Top notch videos  in high-definition with great  production quality and content.  Their latest ambitious project is a 26-episode  animated series: Mike Da Mustang.

A global airshow search engine too! Of course if you’re headed to Oshkosh, that’s the only event you need to lock in anyway 😉


2 responses to “Escape Life’s Gravity

  1. OT, but the link to the Barbancourt story in the Trib was down every time I tried until recently, and as the topics have moved on over at Lex’s I didn’t know if you’d make it back to see my eventual reply, so here goes:

    That article made me think that the booze on the gnd bit was a good way to achieve immortality and all I had to do is find someone young and dependable enough to carry out my wishes for post-mortum fertilization to insure my return. But then I remembered an old Irish tale that goes like this:

    Three good friends living in the Emerald Isles named Paddy, Kevin and Shaun made a pact that the first one to leave this mortal coil, to honor his early misfortune, would have a bottle of Ireland’s finest poured over his grave by the two survivors each year on the anniversary of his death. Well, Kevin went first, and comes the anniversary, the two survivors dutifully trekked to his grave-site, bottle in hand to perform their sworn duty. As they were standing over the grave, Paddy, who held the bottle, appeared hesitant to perform the ceremony. “What’s the matter?” asked Kevin, “cannau’ you keep our promise?” Paddy replied: ” Yes, but cannu’ I just pass it thru me kidneys first?”

    LOL. I’m not sure if it works if the liquid applied is via second hand, so to speak. I may have to rethink my options–especially as I’m sure there will be no shortage of volunteers to go the “by-pass”/”tinkle” route to
    “water” my grave…… 🙂

    • That missive made me backfire diet coke up my nose, so thanks for that.
      Which reminds me of the other Irish funeral joke I heard:
      Q: What’s the difference between an Irish party and an Irish funeral?
      A: One less drunk at the funeral.

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