Doing What We Can to Help

The destruction in Haiti is unbelievable. The need is obvious given the staggering death toll and images of suffering within the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. There is virtually no infrastructure with a per capita income of around $1,000.

For the general aviation folks that stop by here, the Airplane Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) suggests that: “The best thing pilots can do for now is to donate money and stay clear of the area. This will allow military aircraft and humanitarian agencies to get into the area and begin the relief effort”. They are encouraging pilots to consider donating the cost of a flight to Haiti instead of travelling there to help.

You should investigate the agencies carefully if you are considering to give. A few AOPA has suggested include: Samaritan’s Purse ; Missionary Flights International ;Catholic Charities. I’ve chosen to send our relief contribution for Haiti to  Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Please help if you are able. Every dollar counts and the GA community can make a difference.

Update: The Salvation Army is also a terrific relief organization with most all the donated funds going directly to the needy.

Update II: Here is a dramatic first person account from a Mission Aviation Fellowship family who experienced the earthquake and is doing what they can to help.


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