Getting a Close Look at an F-15

Monsieur ceci est mon avion!

The French sometimes look at things differently. Mr. Courtois may own the plane but the airspace is a different matter. At least ATC thought so.

Jean-Claude Courtois took off from BKV Thursday in his newly-purchased Cessna Conquest 425 only to be escorted back down by two F-15s less than an hour later.  The French-speaking pilot refused to respond to ATC… the CFI at American Aviation at Hernando County Airport (BKV) that gave Courtois a check-ride on his new Conquest suggested he get more training and improve his English skills prior to flying.  When a translator explained the comments to Courtois, he reportedly became indignant and proceeded to take off without obtaining clearance.

C’est La Vie.  You really do need to pay attention to the folks on the other end of the radio.  Otherwise you might have company.


2 responses to “Getting a Close Look at an F-15

  1. C’est fou! That pilot is in a lot of deep merde.

  2. A mistake that will him cost a lot of francs.
    I suspect he will be learning more English during his discussions with the local FSDO.

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