Looking the Part

After landing at another airport I decided to grab a sandwich before driving to my next destination. Dressed in regular business attire, which is not uncommon in a large airport, I approached the counter and ordered a chicken sandwich. After handing over a $5 and receiving my change she asked: Are you a pilot?

Well, what does a pilot look like? I thought. Surprising question since I was not in any sort of uniform.  I brightened and said : “Why, yes I am. Why do you ask?”. She offered: “ Here’s another $0.40 cents”.   “Oh. No, I’m not an airline pilot, just a…um…pilot” .  That sure cleared things up.  I handed back the discount. “I fly smaller aircraft”. She smiled and said “It’s OK you’re still a pilot. Not only that but I already rang it up”.

Was it my dashing looks or my confident demeanor? My snappy luggage? I walked on, daydreaming that I might possibly look like a four striper or fighter jock. More likely, she was just new on the job. Still, I’ve never been asked that question when ordering food. I’ve met a few members of the Blue Angels and they all  looked like pilots.  Maybe if I had one of those blue flightsuits…

“Never ask a man if he is a fighter pilot. If he is, he’ll let you know. If he isn’t, don’t embarrass him”.

“The average pilot, despite the sometimes swaggering exterior, is very much capable of such feelings as love, affection, intimacy and caring. These feelings just don’t involve anyone else”.


4 responses to “Looking the Part

  1. You need to pin down exactly what it was that singled you out as a pilot. That way I can emulate it and save time normally spent telling everyone…and get a discount at the airport food court!

    • If your “Hello, I’m a pilot strategy” is time consuming, then I suggest you modify your suit with velcro on the sleeves (To hold three or four stripes) and a set of plastic wings. Don’t try this with a Green Blazer.

  2. Now I keep getting mistaken for a bus driver.

    And Merry Christmas from Oz 🙂

  3. At least you weren’t mistaken for a wayward Northwest pilot (that would have required a laptop). No discounts for that.

    Merry Christmas from U.S. of A. to you and your family.

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