To Infinity and Beyond

Yves Rossy’s “Rocketman” wingsuit worked better when it debuted in 2004. Unfortunately, it didn’t work as well in last week’s attempt to fly from Morocco to Spain. He increased from 2 to 4 turbines but the weak link was IFR flight without instrumentation- effectively a jet powered hang glider in the clouds.

Why not? They featured a jet powered sailplane at Oshkosh, which really didn’t make much sense to me but then, neither does mounting jet engines to semi-trucks, motorcycles and outhouses  which I’ve seen at airshows.

Buzz Lightyear would be proud.

h/t to Rob

5 responses to “Rocketman

  1. virgil xenophon

    Looks like a WWII Fiesler-Storch STOL number as mother-ship. They were everywhere in RVN & Laos. Were mainly used by the “open” civilian side of CIA’s Air America. GREAT planes for mountainous and/or short field operations.

    • As usual you know your planes (and reading recommendations). The plane has to be a Fieseler. It didn’t look like anything else I’d seen before. Neither did the Wing jet for that matter.

      Since you’ve been batting 1000 on the other books, I’ll be logging on to Amazon for “Air America”. Mel Gibson made a movie with the same title IIRC. Any idea if the film is related to the book?

  2. virgil xenophon

    PS: Speaking of “Air America, ” you should get the book by that name by Christopher Robbins (1985)
    An historical treatment that rings fairly true as far as my experience goes. Fascinating reading. Lots of the really, really deep spook-stuff side of the house is left out, of course, but then very few people were/are privy to it all even today…

  3. Naw, the movie wasn’t even close–was a big disappointment–although I realize why they did it that way as the book is more of a broad historical treatment with no central plot per se, as interesting as it was. The film seems to have been made for those totally ahistorical and lacking any knowledge whatsoever about all things military and/or aviation who nevertheless like action films with “hot” (at that time) stars.

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