Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Rock ’em Sock’em Aviation

Complain if you will about flight delays and lost luggage. At least it beats the heck out of fisticuffs at 30,000 feet with pilots involved. Air India has a lot to sort out in the next few days after of one of its flights featured a smackdown over Pakistan with 106 passengers aboard. The altercation began in the cockpit then spilled into the galley where, according to the India Times, punches were thrown.

Endangering the lives of 106 passengers and grossly violating safety norms, the airline staffers came to blows in the cockpit and galley of the Indian Airlines Airbus A-320 as the aircraft cruised over Pakistan en route to Delhi via Lucknow from Sharjah.  The cabin-vs-cockpit tiff originated on the ground in Sharjah itself and then turned into a full-blown fight once IC 884 took off soon after midnight.

Gratefully, it didn’t turn into a tag team match with the plane on autopilot.  While I recall a pilot showing up for work with high blood alcohol earlier this year , this may be a new low in commercial aviation safety.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking,  we hope you enjoyed the flight fight.


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