The Reno Air Races

…are this week

 After a year of preparation and this week’s last days of practice and qualifying, the fastest motor sport on the planet goes at it in earnest through Sunday at Reno Stead Field. Few things are certain, and a lot will be decided on race day for each of the seven classes of this year’s 46th running of the Reno National Championship Air Races: Jet, Unlimited, Super Sport, Sport, Formula One, Biplane, and T-6 (in order of qualifying speed).

NemesisNXTFor EAA members you can log in to see the action from multiple cameras from the grandstand area including the 500 mph-plus Unlimiteds from the back side of the course. Also several in-cockpit cameras will be available, and shots from the pylons. Log in at Oshkosh365.

Update- From the Reno Air Race Association:    “We can coordinate your wedding or special event at the Air Races. Please contact our office for further information on options and pricing”.  Apparently they have.


2 responses to “The Reno Air Races

  1. Wilco/

    Do you follow the “Red Bull” sponsored World Championship Series races on cable? GREAT visuals/camera-work.

    • Thanks for the info VX. I didn’t know that was on TV and will be checking future listings. While we have a nice set up (meant for watching football) I spend very little time in front of it, getting most of my news from the WSJ, Economist and the internet.

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