Say Again?

Perhaps they didn’t think it through. A second opinion might help before you actually name the airport. Skyscanner brings us the most unusual airport names.  Eek; Wuhu and Dang? Are you landing there or expressing yourself?  

A question to Chris or any of my Aussie friends: What are the origins of  Wagga Wagga or  Woodie Woodie?  There must be a good reason for “Useless Loop”?

 Canada has Black Tickle and Deception as well as the ever popular Asbestos Hill Airport.

I shouldn’t be critical.  Chicago is an Algonquian word meaning “onion field”. Perhaps in another 300 years these airport names may not seem unusual.


4 responses to “Say Again?

  1. Actually, the etomology of “Chicago” is closer to “skunk”. The name “Chicago” derives from a word in the language spoken by the Miami and Illinois peoples meaning “striped skunk, ” a word they also applied to the wild leek (known to later botanists as Allium tricoccum). This became the Indian name for the Chicago River, in recognition of the presence of wild leeks in the watershed. When early French explorers began adopting the word, with a variety of spellings, in the late seventeenth century, it came to refer to the site at the mouth of the Chicago River

  2. AvBuddy: Allium triococum? I can’t wait to share that with my friends.
    Might be the next name for an airport.

  3. My mother was born in Wagga Wagga. Aboriginal word meaning lots of crows. Wagga means crow, supposedly you say it twice to mean plural. Not that I’m an expert in Wiradjuri.

    I guess when you hear Aboriginal place names all the time they don’t sound weird to you.

    I’ve never heard of ‘Useless Loop’ but I always thought Strathbogie sounded like something a Scotsman pulls from his nose.

    • Thanks for filling us in on the word origins which probably no one knew aside from you folks down under.
      So does this mean the USA would be named “Taxes Taxes” in the aboriginal language?

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