Genetics or environment?

Probably Both and a Whole Lot of Hard Work

After four years  Mike Goulian won his first ever 1st place finish in the Red Bull Air Race Championships.  The course speed was 225 mph and low-level aerobatics as low as 20 feet. Scary altitude for that.

This has been four years in the making. It’s been so hard to get the right machine, to get the engine working the right way. After four years of hard work this is amazing. I knew we had an airplane that could do it. It’s a great win.

Goulian grew up around planes but also has the reputation as one of the hardest workers in the business. His Dad was an FAA examiner that also owned a flight school and his earliest “lessons” were washing planes and sweeping the hangar. He learned to fly before he could drive a car. Fast forward to 2009: Already a National unlimited aerobatics champion, Mike was selected as the top airshow pilot in the U.S.  SP32-20090821-060048

Sometime, nice guys do finish first.


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