Lighten Up

Buzzing the neighbor’s house: You might get a reprimand from the FAA. You might also get your plane plenty perforated.  Flying in Thomson, Georgia could be as hazardous as  forward air control duty  in Vietnam.

Outside, at least one of the men accosted the aircraft and its pilot, reportedly threatening to shoot down the plane if it flew over homes that low again.

Must be a new dimension in Southern hospitality.


I’m thinking legal altitudes will increase longevity in Georgia.  Either that, or a really fast plane.


2 responses to “Lighten Up

  1. virgil xenophon

    I was on the phone with OldT6Flyer one day discussing how, during AFROTC plt. tng solo flights in a C172, I would amuse myself/play soldier after finishing the required practice routines by swooping down and pretending to strafe trains passing by underneath my training area, and remarking that I was just damn lucky in my youthful eagerness/foolishness that I a) didn’t pull the wings off, or b) didn’t get a visit from the local FAA rep. if anyone had complained.

    He answered by relating a story about a friend of his who was also prone to do such things in W. Virginia who once, during an eyes-level head-on strafing pass on a coal train so panicked the engineer that he applied the emergency brakes to hard that it flattened and welded the wheels to the track!! LOL-sort of. Guy was lucky it took place in an isolated area w. no civilians around and the train guys were too shook up to get his registration number, so he REALLY lucked out. Needless to say the guy didn’t fly for several weeks in that area until things had cooled down….. Also lucky the RR didn’t start putting flack cars on their trains. 🙂

    • One of my instructors (when getting my commercial license) did more to overstress a C172 then anyone I’ve known. Spins / rolls / hammerheads- all with students aboard (including me). I literally never knew what might happen when he had the controls.
      The only pilot I knew where police caught up was my cousin who flew a Piper Cub backwards in stiff winds for a mile or so keeping the plane on the edge of a stall. The stunt had backed up traffic along a Wisconsin interstate and got the attention of the cops.

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