Trees vs. Planes

I like trees for many reasons. Running a plane into it’s branches isn’t one of them.  So it’s important to make sure that the glide path is clear of obstacles , right? Not everyone thinks so. This protest can’t last forever.

Man’s son returns to tree in protest against airport

I do sympathize with this family’s desire to keep a part of their history. It’s not typical. The usual problem facing many smaller airports these days is urban encroachment. Airports that start in rural areas have now been subject to ever expanding housing developments. Folks move right next to the field then they begin complaining about noise , traffic flow and in some situations seeking the closure of the fields. According the AOPA, one every week over twenty years.

The continuing loss of public-use airports — one per week for over 20 years — is an obvious threat to general aviation. Most closures result from urban/surburban encroachment, unbridled land development, and a community’s lack of political will to save the local airport.

I guess I’m also unusual in that I would consider moving closer to the airport or better still live in an airport community, the kind where you taxi the plane out of the family hangar attached to the house?  With trees. Away from the runway.


2 responses to “Trees vs. Planes

  1. virgil xenophon

    I have a 1945 hard-bound edition of issues of the then British-American issue of “Flying” magazine that was already overly optimistically projecting Gen. Av. as replacing the family car post-war with an ad depicting a young male teenager sitting on the tire of a Piper Cub parked in the family garage driveway saying: “Gee, Dad, isn’t it my turn for the keys tonight?” LOL. It’s almost 60 yrs and counting and we’re not even close yet……..

    • I checked the stats. During 1946, 35,000 light airplanes were built. A staggering number compared to 2008 when approximately 3,000 were delivered and that includes business jets. The second highest year was 1966 with 15,000.

      Never fear. The Terrafugia is here to save the day! Soon junior will be asking for a turn at the wheel.

      Interesting how flying has lost the appeal it had once. It might have a lot to do with entertainment options today but I still don’t understand why pilot numbers continue to steadily decline.

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