What Izzit?


Came across this beast whilst picking through the boneyards at the Planes of Fame Musuem in Valle, AZ. Obviously a jet of some such but with wooden fuselage. America’s first jet fighter was  the aerocomet. It’s not close to that but it does have a round control stick like the British Fairey .

Click for larger image

Anyone know the Name of the Plane at the Planes of Fame?


8 responses to “What Izzit?

  1. Sea Vampire F.21?

  2. De Havilland Vampire? I know the Mosquito was largely built from wood, but I don’t know about the Vampire.

  3. Wait – that looks like a single-seat fighter, which rules out the Vampire. I’m revising my wild a*% guess to “De Havilland Venom.”

  4. Looks like a DeHavilland Vampire to me, especially the wooden fuselage which is a dead giveaway. DeHavilland built it using experience gained from building the Mosquito bomber, aka the Wooden Wonder.

  5. Jason, Jober, Chris,
    You guys are good.
    It’s either a Vampire or Venom. Frankly I can’t tell the difference from the pictures- Vampire developed into Venom? The intakes are identical to the the picture Chris linked. I frequent air museums all over the U.S. and I’d never seen anything like it or knew they made jets of wood. (They don’t have many British planes in U.S. museums). The initial thought was it was experimental.
    Gracias. I can now sleep at night.

  6. Definitely a De Haviland DH100 Vampire built by the British after WWII.
    The Canadian airforce had some and one of these apparently ended up with John Travolta at some point. Google the description for lots of info.

    • Thanks Mike. Some of the British aircraft weren’t as familiar to me and I was surprized to see that a British jet ended up in an Arizona boneyard (and that it was partially made of plywood)!

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