One to Go

Son#2 graduated and Mom and Dad are incredibly proud. Both he and Son#1 (to the right) have a B.S. in electrical engineering. This means Dad gets all the help he needs on wiring projects. Son #3 is pursuing mechanical engineering with his Mazda Miata as the  test lab. This means that Dad loses all control over the garage.

We’ve been blessed with three fine young men. Arrows in the quiver. Two now launched and speeding forward to into a changing and somewhat unnerving world.

Children are the letters we send to a time we will not see. I know they’ll make a difference.



2 responses to “One to Go

  1. virgil xenophon

    What schools? GREAT PIC!! Proud Dad indeed!
    “When we were young,” Etc. Someday that pic will be one of their most treasured possessions, but I’m sure they all–like us when we were their age– have other things on their minds now….

    • Thanks VX-I appreciate the comment. Another milestone to celebrate. S#2 graduated from Northern Illinois University. Now, nationally infamous for what occurred a little over a year ago, when the shootings occurred at NIU. A scary time for about an hour when we could not ascertain his whereabouts. This has mostly receded to memory. Now he’s on his way to great things. Pictures are important. It all happens so fast.

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