Dream On #2

For readers of my prior thoughts on convergence of technology, especially as relates to aviation, here’s another idea that may be destined for the dust bin of inventions not commercially viable.

The Motorcycle Airplane.

General Aviation accident rates have been unfavorably compared to those with motorcycle driving. So insurance agencies must be thrilled about the combination of the two. If there’s one thing you want to get serious about, it should be a vehicle that you just can’t pull off to the side of the road if you have a problem at 5,000 feet. It might not be the domain of folks who want to see how fast they can shoot off the line.

I’m not bashing motorcyclists (Having enjoyed driving them), but I think it’s best to dedicate all your best technology toward safe flight. Ultimately, you’ll compromise safety with designs that try to strike a compromise between two modes of transportation. Don’t get me started on the scuba car.


2 responses to “Dream On #2

  1. Wait. Is this being developed by the same folks who brought us the Aeroscraft blimp??

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