Caravans and Races

Windy in the Windy City. Went to the home drome and found winds gusting to 35 knots which is a bit sporty for light aircraft and does take some of the fun out of flying. Instead, I did some window shopping. More aircraft than usual seem to be available for sale. The one on the ramp that caught the eye and the imagination was the Cessna Caravan.img_0852_2 While there were other great flying machines with “For Sale” pennants attached to the props, it’s hard to compare any against a machine that will take the whole family almost anywhere. Most GA aircraft have weight and space limitations, whereas this bird is limited mostly by the imagination. But seeing the checkbook and the weather were today’s limitations I opted for plan #2 which was to engage in the scheduled run for the day.

To be exact, it was the first of back to back 5k events this weekend. Armed with the somewhat vain notion that I can keep up with the young folk, I signed up for two races. Son Number 2 has been engaged in short triathlons and marathons. That’s him on the left in the Chicago Marathon danmarathon1finishing at a respectable top 20% out of 35,000. I occasionally think I can keep up, which, I can’t. However, give me a 5K event and I can wheeze along with the best of them. So while the weather was bad for flying, it was less bad for running.

I keep thinking that I can take first place in my age group which hasn’t happened yet. But it might happen….someday. I’ll ask the genie for it next time I find a magic lamp.

Then I’ll ask for the Caravan.run1



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