More Power, Scotty


Unfortunately the warp drive is warped and no amount of dilithium crystals will help. There are a high number of landings with the rollers up, as many as six weekly according to AOPA. Hence the old saw for retractables:  “Those who have and those that will” .What say? It won’t happen to you?

Serious Cirrus  drivers aside, it can. Three reasons 1) The oops, I forgot. 2) Gear collapses on the landing roll usually due to the squat switch  3) Actual mechanical failure.

Here’s a few examples of pilots sliding in for a landing including a good video of  a Beech 1900 , a nice clip with sparks and flame in a Hawker 125 jet. The pilots in this F111 attack aircraft did a fine job, but the most expensive is probably this one in the Bone at $7.9M in repairs.

Half the incidents are pilot error. Don’t forget to check the checklist.


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