The Color of Money

Remember Marcus Schrenker? The guy who faked an emergency then bailed out of his turboprop Malibu last January. He was living the good life, allegedly because he swindled millions from investors. When it finally caught up with him he apparently hopped in his $1.3M plane and parachuted to safety in Georgia, riding away on a motorcycle he’d stashed in a rented storage unit along with a laptop and cash. The empty aircraft was tailed by an F-16 as it flew on autopilot and the military pilot reported the windshield appeared to be intact. In the letter, Schrenker insists there was an “explosion” that prompted his bailout but he doesn’t address his handy access to the motorcycle. Oh, and most people don’t wear parachutes and goggles when flying a cabin class plane.

Last week he penned a letter to the newspapers. You can read the handwritten story which also says he wishes he’d died in the airplane “with honor”. I don’t know why that would make him any less cowardly than staging an airplane accident and hiding the rest of his life. Perhaps another example of the same greed that led Bernard Madoff down the wrong path. Schrenker is now writing a book in jail. Wonder who would buy it?


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