Back to the Drawing Board

I’m all for “out-of-the-Box” thinking as long as it doesn’t follow with “Out-of-the-Sky” results. Today Zenair will find out that-

Federal safety officials want the Federal Aviation Administration to immediately ground a type of small sports aircraft, saying six of the planes have broken up in flight in the past three years, killing 10 people.

I’ve been intrigued by kit airplanes. It’s a fraction of the price of a certificated plane made by the larger manufacturers (Piper, Cessna) and with a homebuilt you don’t have to pay for the whole thing at once, building a section at a time.

Still, you gotta be brave desperate to fly one of these.Flybaby 

This particular plane is the “Skybaby”. You can have first place in line.

I’ll watch.


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