Eject- Eject -Eject

There may be the occasional day in the office when you feel the need to “pull the handle” as the last resort. Now you can.ejection-seat-office-chair2
An ejection seat seat from an F-4 Phantom. For the days when you can’t fly, just scoot around the office and make jet engine noises.


6 responses to “Eject- Eject -Eject

  1. virgil xenophon

    Talk about deja vu! Seeing that seat brought back memories.

    I was more intrigued by the F-4 EJ Seat BAR-STOOL, though! LOL! Buy a bunch of them and build a bar around ’em catering to retired birdmen. Would also be perfect for a place called the “Air-Devil’s Inn” in Louisville, Ky. just across the street from Bowman Field (the pvt airport) Used to be a HUGE hub of activity in WWII when Bowman was a tng field. Held huge dances there with all the “big bands” passing thru, etc. Used to be a huge complex but have since whittled it down to one bldg. Still have lots of WWII pics on the walls. These days it’s (as one reviewer on Google notes) been reduced to sort of a hole in the wall Biker’s bar (cool, not tough) and true locals hangout. Has oldest neon sign in city, btw. If you ever fly into Bowman you’ve GOT to hit this historical landmark. The ej seat bar-stools would fit RIGHT IN. (heh)

    I’ve had more than ONE drink in there during my 20 yrs in Louisville! Course that was over 15 yrs ago! God, the days may drag, but the weeks, months and years fly by!!

  2. I thought you might llike the bar stool but I’d have a hard time using it with a desk in an office. Might give folks the wrong idea. If they even had a right idea about an ejection seat in the workplace.

    • Update: I received a formal quote.
      For those who have this on their birthday list the chair is $3,100 and the barstool is $4,900. Virgil: Bikers would need to leave really big tips at the Air Devil’s Inn to fund those seats.

  3. virgil xenophon


    The Bikers are the “C’ shift crowd. The “A” shift are the old neighborhood retirees who hit it in the AM when it opens for shooters and chasers. The “B’ shift, the businessmen at happy hour and the “D’ shift–well, my God!

    • Impressive. You have detailed knowledge of all the shifts.
      How might that be? Is that experience gained in 20 years or did you learn it all in one day 😉

      And yah you do get around. IL; LA; KY; NY and sightseeing in the UK and SE Asia

  4. virgil xenophon

    And the hell of it is, I’m now BI——coastal, that is, We’ve had a place out here in Marina del Rey (where I am now) since Katrina. Usually spend summers here, and fall (football season up at LSU) and winter in NO thru Mardis Gras, St. Pat’s then head on out here. Reversing it this year due family illness. Heading back NO in June. Don’t know how we’ll adj.–been spoiled by beach-front breezes and temp here in the Venice area.

    (PS I was married here in Santa Monica in 73, btw–which reminds me, they have a GREAT Air museum here. Have the ORIGINAL “City of New Orleans” DOUGLAS “WORLD CRUISER”ARMY SEAPLANE, one of 4–Settle, Boston & Chicago– in the 1924 first around-the-world flight which took off from here and ended here. [Most history books use Seattle as beginning and end point, as that’s the “official” t.o. point, but they really started and ended here.])

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