Build it and They Will Come

I like this guy’s initiative. If the state of Illinois won’t follow through than he’ll just build his own airport. And not just in any location.

Jim Bult built his airport within the very same footprint targeted by Illinois Department of Transportation officials for decades as the spot for the next major metropolitan airport in the Chicago area. “I’ve been waiting and waiting for the last 20-some years and they couldn’t get it done,” Bult said. “I just want a quality runway and hangar here.”

Bult not only beat Governor Quinn to the punch, but also the last four Governors. Contrary to some of our politicians, he did what he promised. I think I’ll take a hop to Peotone this summer.


2 responses to “Build it and They Will Come

  1. virgil xenophon

    Is that great, or what!

  2. It is
    ..and suspect you probably know the location of Peotone, having spent some time in Central Illinois. I had the opportnity to fly to Casey and Paris for some aerial photography a while back- for the fun of it.

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