Oh the Humanity


It looks more like a bloated Beluga than an aircraft but the folks at  Aeroscraft want you to consider this as a private sky yacht

I think they’re waiting for the investors to pile up.  The only prototypes flown look like the Fuji Blimp.  Everything else is photoshop.  Jet turbo fans needed for lift??  14 million CF of helium??  400 ton payload?? If they really build this (and it looks expensive), “Pampered passengers” will  enjoy plenty of turbulence and bad weather since it probably won’t fly above FL 100.   And who wants to take an 18 hour trip to get to California?

Captain Stubing wouldn’t even pilot this one.


2 responses to “Oh the Humanity

  1. virgil xenophon

    The Brits have a whole series of different mods for industrial use, etc. Check out web site at “World Skycat, LTD” or at Wiki under Skycat. Check it out as they have some interesting uses proposed. I think they’ve had financial problems, however. Been about a year since I’ve visited. There is also another outfit in the US doing much same as Skycat and this group here, but I can’t remember the name.

    • Interesting link you mention.
      I still harbor suspicions about commercial viability. The photos in the Aeroscraft site offered the impression of a cruise ship. Kind of like taking Amtrak but alot more expensive and I suspect you’d scub the flight for weather. Fun in a Popular Science sort of way though.

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